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About HealthyHomeBuys.com

Natural home goods remain a multimillion dollar industry that shows now signs of slowing down. There is an ever-growing number of consumers that aren’t racing toward the bottom. Instead, racing for the best. As a result, there are thousands of products for any given search - bamboo bedsheets, charcoal face scrubs, you name it. We believe it shouldn't be so hard to find good natural products online, so we created Healthy Home Buys to give you the insight you need to shop smarter on your search to find the best home and health products.

About Abe and Jonathon

We're two guys that set out to fill our homes with safer, natural, and more responsibly-sourced products. The problem was many of the resources we found online promoted obscure (and expensive!) products that were hard to find where we live and work. With both of us living in dramatically differently places (easy coast and west coast), we knew that we couldn’t be the only ones living the struggle. We hope that by putting these in-depth resources together that we can cut the learning curve plus do our part to create a healthier place to live for more people just like us.