Did you know that 9 out of 10 bedrooms have at least one old junky pillow? Now, this isn’t real research, but it sounds about right doesn’t it? It’s all too easy to neglect self care, especially when it comes to sleep.

That means you should be giving yourself a pat on the back if you made it this far in the research process. Whether you’re deadset on bamboo or it is just one of many options, this buyer’s guide has all of the details you need about bamboo pillows plus it’ll give you a good idea about what you should be looking for and questions to be asking more generally speaking.

The Top Bamboo Pillows – Standard/King, Bolster, and Body Pillows

Before getting into the detail of each and every pillow listed, below we’ve put together a comparison table that goes through the primary details in one place. With over 75,000 Amazon product results for bamboo pillow, you could spend the next year looking at every single one.

Please note that traditional pillows are listed at the top followed by bolster and body pillows. If there is a product you’re considering that’s not on the list, let us know about it by using the contact page.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Your Next Pillow

You’d be surprised at all the details required.

Two children, one of which is teething, leave me little time to sleep, so I’m by no means a sleep expert in that regard.

  1. What size and style of the pillow are you looking for? Queen/standard and king are the two “bed pillow” sizes that are most common, but body pillows and other variations are available. Remember, a common size means it is easier to find pillow cases that are a fit.bamboo pillow sizes
  2. What materials does the pillow use? Even though these are referred to as bamboo pillows, it isn’t that cut and dry. While the outside/cover of some pillows is 100% bamboo (rayon), many will be a mixture. For example, 60% bamboo/rayon and polyester. Inside is typically memory foam or a blend.
  3. Do you need an adjustable pillow? Nothing is worse than a pillow that is too thick. That’s why it might be important to search out an adjustable pillow. If this is important to you, then you’ll want to be sure the filling is easily accessible (zipper) and that it is shredded. If you’re against a shredded fill, then one solid pillow/insert is your other option (though these are not adjustable).
  4. What is the return policy? For something like a pillow the return policy is even more important than the warranty in my opinion. Why? Because what good is a warranty if you don’t use the pillow? Generally you can expect a 30 day return policy, but some of the pillows go 60+. Just as important, is reading reviews to make sure that the maker doesn’t make it difficult to return.
  5. Did you do your homework? Bamboo pillows are one of the hardest things I’ve researched because nothing is what it seems. A LOT of different terms are thrown around and there are a ton of copycats. If there is one product you do your due diligence for, let it be this one. Be sure to read over the article, customer reviews, and product descriptions carefully.

Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo

panda eating bamboo

Bamboo only continues to grow in interest, not to mention more and different products that use the material continue to hit the market. Why you might ask? Bamboo has a lot of great qualities:

  • Biodegradable
  • Soft, making it ideal for pillows, sheets, etc.
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial

Beyond its uses in the home, bamboo has a long history as a building material. Between the benefits mentioned above and it’s abundance in certain regions, bamboo has and continues to be used for houses, bridges, and to help with the construction process (think scaffolding). There are multiple online resources that speak to the many methods of working with and shaping bamboo.

When it comes to using bamboo pillows and linens in your own home, it’s softness, durability and antibacterial/hypoallergenic qualities are what make it a top contender.

Will a bamboo pillow work for me?

The truth is it isn’t that easy. Like buying any pillow, chair, or similar home good, what works for some may not work for others. Looking beyond the benefits and questions listed above, also consider your sleep type. Not all sleepers are created equal. Side sleeping versus back versus stomach have different requirements for a pillow.

Beyond bamboo or not, consider what is inside the pillow. Look more generally at shredded pillows (if they’re adjustable too) and solid memory foam core pillows to see if they seem like a fit and whether or not similar sleepers have given them the thumbs up or thumbs down.

How do I care for my bamboo pillow?

The short answer is that it depends, which is why we wanted to include this here. The most important thing you can do is review your manufacturer’s directions and guidelines for pillow care. As the products listed showed, this varies from pillow to pillow.

That’s why you should start asking this question now. Even if you found the perfect pillow, it can quickly turn sour if product care is more than you planned on. Between product details and past user questions, most of the products we reviewed (including those that didn’t make the cut) have exact care directions clearly outlined.

Along with long term care, don’t forget to read the directions for how to care for your bamboo pillow when you first get it. This ranges from just taking the pillow out of the packaging/container for hours/days to a light fluff in the dryer.

The Top Product Reviews

Below are some of the top bamboo pillows. Price does vary, but none of the pillows even come close to $100. Note that the common pillow (i.e. rectangle) sizes that are available are standard/queen and king. Sizes vary slightly by maker.

100% Bamboo Pillow & Case

Made by Xtreme Comforts

Bamboo Pillow by Xtreme Comforts

While not Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, this pillow from Xtreme Comforts is one of the few that is made 100% from bamboo. Whether you select the queen or king size pillow, that means the entire pillow – pillow, filling, and pillow case is bamboo.

The other most noteworthy feature, is it’s double zipper design that makes it easy to adjust the pillow’s thickness. Simply unzip the pillow case then unzip the inner lining zipper. From there, simply reach in. It is no surprise this pillow averages 4+ stars.

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  • 100% bamboo
  • Fully adjustable (double zipper design)
  • Amazon Prime
  • Queen and king available
  • 30 day return policy


  • Pricey, though it is premium (very few 100% bamboo products out there)
Queen Size Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Sleep Whale

Sleep Whale’s queen pillow (28” x 19”) is reasonably priced. It has a shredded memory foam filling that is made of a 60% polyester and 40% bamboo blend. Both the pillow and included cover are washer and dryer safe, which makes it easy to care for the pillow the way you should. Be sure to take the pillow out of the case (consider doing them separately) and read the care directions.

Something you’ll want to read more about within the reviews for Smeep Whale’s pillow, is the thickness of the pillow. Reviews varied from too thick to just right. If you’re afraid that it is going to be too thick, there is a solution – cut the seam 4 – 6 inches and remove extra stuffing. This 3 star review talks through removing the filling and how this pillow is not adjustable like others.

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  • Amazon #1 Best Seller Award
  • Pillow and case can be machine washed/dried
  • Affordably priced
  • Amazon Prime


  • Not adjustable; cut/remove/sew required to adjust
Adjustable Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows by Clara Clark

If you’re considering ordering a few pillows, there are multipacks available. In some cases this can save money, but more importantly it opens up the door for more options. This two back of memory foam pillows from Clara Clark are a top choice averaging over 4 stars from about 600 reviews.

These two 40% rayon/bamboo queen/standard size pillows measure 19” x 29”, but a king size is also available. The best featured is the zipper that makes this pillow truly adjustable (no cut/sew). Simply pull out some of the shredded memory foam then test it out.

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  • Twin pack (also available in single and four pack)
  • Amazon Prime
  • Adjustable (zipper)
  • Machine washable
  • Money back guarantee


  • Be aware of vacuum seal; pillow will regain shape
  • Some users thought these pillows could have been thicker
Premium Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows by Bamboo Sleep

If you’re not a fan of the shredded memory foam filling, this is a pillow to consider. The inside of the Bamboo Sleep pillow is one solid memory foam insert. It is important to note that this means the pillow is not adjustable, but their 30 day return policy and Prime shipping means you’ll have quite a few nights to sleep on your decision.

Pricewise, you can expect to spend roughly the same on this or the adjustable/shredded foam two pack. Both the queen (19” x 30”) and the king (19” x 36”) are available in the twin pack and for individual purchase. Upon purchase Bamboo Sleep recommends placing the pillow in the dryer for 10 – 15 minute son low heat to give it it’s shape.

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  • Solid memory foam insert/not shredded filling (for some)
  • Amazon Prime
  • 30 day return policy


  • Solid memory foam insert/not shredded filling (for some)
  • Not adjustable
Combination Bamboo & Memory Foam Body Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic

A pillow review isn’t complete without mentioning body pillows. And Snuggle Pedic’s body pillow is one of the best. They’ve amassed over 3,000 reviews of which over 90% are 4 star or better. Their 90 day return policy is longer than the average window (30 days) plus their warranty is 20 years!

Just like many of the standard pillows, this is fully adjustable because the filling is shredded memory foam. It also takes a standard body pillow cover (54” x 20”) and can be machine washed/dried. The cover material breakdown includes: 43% viscose/bamboo, 56.4% polyester, and .6% lycra (elastic polyurethane fiber).

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  • Adjustable
  • 90 day return policy / 20 yr warranty
  • Machine wash/dry
  • 4.5 star review average (3000+ reviews)
  • Amazon Prime


  • Negative reviews noted quality issues (lumpy, etc.), though returns were said to be easy
Hypoallergenic Aloe Vera Bamboo Memory Foam Body Pillow by Aloe 99

While this doesn’t have as many reviews as the Snuggle Pedic, Aloe 99 has a great body pillow that is very affordable (about half the price). Inside the pillow is 100% memory foam. The cover is aloe vera and bamboo infused. It is important to note that this one is slightly smaller than a standard sized body pillow – 46″L x 17″W.

Sizing is adjustable, simply unzip, add/subtract, then close it back up. Quite a few users mentioned just how thick the pillow is from the factory, which isn’t the case for all pillows. This is great because for some a pillow can’t be thick enough. And if you don’t fall into that camp, simply adjust. The manufacturer says that about 2 hours after you unbox it’ll regain it’s shape, but about a day is more like it.

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  • Adjustable
  • Full/thick pillow (about 6”)
  • Machine washable/dry
  • Amazon Prime


  • Not a standard size (can make covers a challenge)

Bamboo Bolster Pillow

Made by Premium Bamboo

Bamboo Bolster Pillow by Premium Bamboo

Bolster pillows are for more than just decoration. In fact, there are multiple positions to use them in that could improve your quality of sleep. This one by NokOut has a cover that is 80% bamboo and 20% polyester, has a shredded memory foam fill, and is 18” L x 8” round.

It is important to note that the cover is not removable even though the description can sound like it is. Here is a link to a user review with more details. Whether as a result or otherwise, this pillow does have specific care instructions. Thekwnufsctiree replied to a user question to lay it all out here.

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  • Affordable
  • Multiple use cases
  • Amazon Prime


  • Difficult to find other/additional covers


baby on pillow

If you’re not an expert in this after reading the above, you’ll never be 😉

Don’t forget that buying a billow is a unique process for each of us. What it big/small/soft/firm for me might not feel that way for you. Keeping this in mind, use the research and reviews out there to do your best. Don’t be afraid to seek out products with/use the return policy. Just be sure that it doesn’t have any red flags like a very short period or negative reviews from users that actually tried to return.

Let us know what you think or share this with someone who could use this. If there’s anything you would add and/or feedback, please use the contact page.

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